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EcoStruxure™ Building Operation

EcoStruxure Building Operation delivers the actionable insights needed to better manage and optimize buildings, improve engineering efficiency, and meet increased cybersecurity and compliance needs.


EcoStruxure Building is the open innovation platform of buildings – a collaborative IoT solution that is scalable, secure and global to create smart and future-ready buildings. It ensures customers’ smart buildings are even more connected, hyper-efficient, truly sustainable, and always simple.

EcoStruxure Building Operation seamlessly facilitates the secure exchange of data from both Schneider Electric and third-party energy, lighting, HVAC, fire safety, security, and workplace management systems while leveraging digitization and big data.
Our IP-enabled software (and hardware) address the entire building ecosystem with easy integration of devices, other building systems, and cloud services, delivering the performance and data-throughput needed for small buildings to large, complex multi-site enterprises.
EcoStruxure Building Operation delivers:




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