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Commercial facilities, industrial and public buildings consume over 60% of the world’s electricity and produce over half of all global carbon emissions. Power digitalization transforms building operations and helps achieve a more sustainable future.


Power is a critical component of your production and can affect your profitability and competitiveness. EcoStruxure Power Monitoring Expert mitigates this risk and increases productivity. Compare energy efficiency across buildings, plants, or process lines. Analyze energy consumption by load type, analyze facility energy performance and ensure energy efficiency compliance. Enable proactive maintenance to ensure safety and simplify PQ monitoring and analysis to protect your sensitive equipment.


PME helps mitigate power issues. Compare your energy efficiency across buildings, plants, or process lines. Analyse energy performance and consumption by load type and ensure energy efficiency compliance. Simplify power quality monitoring and analysis to protect sensitive equipment.


For plant management, facility, and electrical teams looking to reduce business risk from down time and power-related utility penalties, we provide simple, meaningful PQ analytics that turn raw data into actionable intelligence to help ensure process continuity and protect margins.
Preventive views of your electrical infrastructure help clarify causes and mitigate events that put business at risk.


Your business runs on electrical power, which brings its own management challenges: unpredictable power supply, unplanned outages, complex emissions regulations, and volatile energy prices. You also need to balance the needs of power-sensitive processes that require high levels of power availability and reliability without raising operational costs or putting profits at risk. You need solutions that exceed conventional power management, solutions that unite your enterprise and meet all these goals simultaneously.


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