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Critical infrastructure networks like air, rail, and water transportation must operate safely, reliably and be regulatory compliant. With PME you can help ensure maximum uptime and efficiency as you track real-time and historical data, manage proactive maintenance schedules and monitor facilities.

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EcoStruxure Power Monitoring Expert software architecture is designed to be easily integrated into existing critical systems, as well as to be open and scalable.



But as management strives to create an experience that is more efficient, more comfortable and safer than ever before, they are constantly challenged with the operation of complex infrastructure and subsystems including electrical distribution infrastructure and the power monitoring and control systems that run it. This is one of the key pillars that provides the behind the scenes foundation for has evolved as a “smart” object.


The power monitoring and control system connects many devices including power meters, relays, circuit breakers and transformers. This helps the airport maintain uptime and drive down energy costs in the following ways:


Power event notification – The power quality meters provide important information such as Power Quality Disturbance Direction Detection with magnitude, duration and waveform capture data. The power monitoring system constantly monitors power quality parameters and informs staff if an anomaly occurs anywhere in the power distribution system. Power event notifications are sent directly to facility team members so that any issues that surface can be quickly identified and addressed to minimize damage, reduce disruptions and avoid outages.


Tenant billing – EcoStruxure Power Monitoring Expert (PME) software automatically calculates and generates electricity usage reports per tenant so the accounting department can easily issue prompt and accurate bills. Having this integrated tenant sub-billing option as part of the EcoStruxure Power system saves the thousands of dollars in labor and software licensing costs compared to having a manual billing process or a separate tenant billing solution.


Advisory services – Power and energy management specialists from Schneider Electric use an advanced, cloud-based software platform called EcoStruxure Power Advisor to review the quality of the power and energy data being collected by the EcoStruxure Power system. Energy data inaccuracies and meter configuration and wiring issues are quickly identified and the powerful analytics suggest probable causes for each problem. The Power Advisor platform is also used to find potential Power Quality issues that were not readily apparent previously. The prescriptive capabilities of the analytics platform even suggest potential solutions for power quality problems. Power Advisor helps the service provider and facility management determine how best to allocate financial and electrical resources in order to optimize operational performance.


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