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EcoStruxure™ Security Expert

Faced with increased security risks, big data, as well as CAPEX and OPEX challenges, security managers need what Security Expert delivers.

Security Expert

Driving Efficiency Across the Enterprise Security Expert not only unites all components of a security infrastructure, it seamlessly integrates with other building management systems including lighting, energy management, and IT to deliver significant efficiencies across the enterprise.



Discover EcoStruxure™ Security Expert


Enhance physical and cyber security with a scalable end-to-end software and hardware solution. Easily integrate security and IT solutions to enhance building safety and value, improve efficiency and user experience with the intuitive and flexible interface, and utilise EcoStruxure Security Expert’s array of best-in-class hardware or connect with compatible devices to design a smart building security system.


Benefits of EcoStruxure™ Security Expert

End-to-End solutionA complete portfolio of access control software and hardware including controllers, I/O modules, readers, credentials, and more. The solutions are fully supported and compatible.
Easy integrationIntegrates with 30+ lifts, wireless locks, intercoms, biometric, video, and visitor management systems. Existing and custom integrations can be facilitated through SOAP protocol.
Simple designAll controllers and modules are available in full or half DIN sizes enabling standardisation in system panel design. All modules have a front panel LED indicators that help in diagnosing faults.
Controller communicationCross-controller operations facilitate communication between controllers. This enables controllers to operate as one system and share hardware resources regardless of the server status.


Features of EcoStruxure™ Security Expert


Data encryption
Communication between the card reader, controller, and server is encrypted according to industry standards. When paired with an encrypted card solution, EcoStruxure Security Expert provides a fully encrypted communication path right from the card to the server, ensuring company data security. EcoStruxure Security Expert readers are SIA OSDP Certified.


Access and intrusion
Prevent unauthorised access with the EcoStruxure Security Expert system controller as the central processing unit. It’s responsible for the authentication and authorisation of user access. The system is certified for both access control and intrusion detection without the need for two separate systems.


Area counting
Ensure business security by tracking and monitoring the number of users within a specified area at any time. The system can then automatically arm when the last person leaves the area or limits access to the area if the user count has been reached. Other features include door lockdown, reporting configurations, and the ability to create advanced protocols.


Roles EcoStruxure™ Security Expert supports


Facility and security managers
Facility and security managers are facing constant demands for their time and attention across a wide variety of responsibilities. They are often moving from issue to issue around the building, reacting to urgent situations as they arise. They’re asked to provide reports on demand to highlight the value and security of their facilities. EcoStruxure Security Expert is the best access control system for facility and security managers that need a tool to oversee their building security while saving them time and enhancing the building value and experience.


IT managers
Physical and digital security are no longer distinct silos. IT Managers are facing increased responsibility in a world full of escalating risks and higher stakes in managing sensitive data. They must manage these emerging concerns while still addressing day-to-day organisational needs. EcoStruxure Security Expert is the best choice in access control for IT Managers concerned with physical and cyber security, interconnectivity, and scalability.


System integration
System Integrators face strong pricing pressure and a market saturated with competition. Their labour and installation costs can be the make or break in a winning bid. They must support their existing customer base through evolving product lifecycles and are asked to provide customised solutions for new customers, requiring a platform that can be customised and integrated with existing building systems. EcoStruxure Security Expert is the best choice in access control systems for Integrators that seek to deliver an efficient, yet flexible, solution.


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