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EcoStruxure™ IT

In a connected world, it’s now more important than ever to protect critical information and data. Ensure that your data center’s physical infrastructure can adapt quickly to support both future demand driven by IoT and growth — in the cloud and at the edge — without ever compromising availability or operational efficiency.

Data centers and network systems

We are the leading provider of physical infrastructure solutions for the entire data center and its lifecycle.
As the scale and speed of digitization increases, our solutions help cloud, telecom, and colocation providers look to the future with confidence.


Modernize and upgrade your legacy data center


Modernization and upgrades of legacy facility infrastructure is a key priority for data center executives because it's a significant area to manage CapEx.


Data centers continue to expand and evolve, a flexible design approach will help grow business quickly.


Today’s business needs can’t wait for traditional disjointed data center planning processes, lengthy design phases, and long deployment times.


Products and Solutions


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