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The world’s appetite for electricity is growing. And the global energy markets are changing globally. As a massive migration to renewable energy gains momentum, many people are taking advantage of the change and embracing prosumer technologies.

EcoStruxure™ Grid

With its digital architectures and services, EcoStruxure Grid bridges the gap between the supply and demand sides, providing an End-To-End software cycle (from design, build, operate to maintain) to help Electricity utilities achieve a more sustainable future.


Meanwhile, with 24/7 availability becoming ever more critical, grid reliability improvement is a key concern and a strategic initiative for many Electricity Companies. For energy consumers, communities, and companies, it’s an opportunity to achieve better efficiency, flexibility, reliability and resilience.

And, because reliability of electricity supply and data integrity are key, it helps protect against cyber-attacks by mitigating cyber risk. Allowing utilities to sustain operational confidence.

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Expanding the smart utilities' worldElectriciity companies are increasingly impacted by megatrends: digitization and decarbonization. Unleash the digital grid to tackle these challenges head-on and succeed with smart strategies and digital tools.
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Maximize grid efficiencyAs new regukations force electrical distribution utilities to enhance efficiency across their networks, we offer modern strategies for using smart grid tools to meet and exceed regulatory efficiency targets.
Mitigate power outagePower blackouts are on rise, which can cost companies millions of dollars in lost productivity and revenue. That's why advanced FLISR processes are becoming an important tool for preventing outages and improving grid reliability.

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